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Roadway Lighting Solutions
Applying world-class technologies that are tried and tested to give you the most powerful outcomes.

Commercial Lighting Solutions


The roadways of America are searching for our offering of superior LED street light fixtures that bring street and roadway illumination into the 21st century. The products we offer have superior optics that maximize light distribution and placement with low-glare illumination on the roadway, and simultaneously minimize light trespass.

Designed for the replacement of HID fixtures, our LED Street Light products are manufactured using heavy-gauge, die-cast aluminum housings with concealed cooling fins and corrosion resistant electro coating finish. Slim, state of the art, low profile, they minimize wind load resistance and modernize the roadway.

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We use world-class technologies that are always tried, tested and proven to deliver the most powerful outcomes.

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We believe you should consider our USA Made, DOT LED Roadway Retrofit Lamp over entirely new Roadway luminaires to reduce overall cost. Typically, the only need for new LED Roadway luminaires is when the existing ones are falling apart, look old, or are not compatible with a LED retrofit-kit inside your existing lighting fixtures.


Converting to our DOT LED lamps

reduction in cost

By converting to our DOT LED lamps, you will gain all of the same benefits a new LED Roadway fixture offers, with a reduction in cost. Not only is it up to 50% cheaper, but the installation time is faster!

DOT Roadway Luminaire
The new LED light ideally replaces high-pressure sodium lamps of up to 400 watts, and can offer a fast payback. We can custom design the Retrofit Kit for just about any existing HPS Roadway Luminaire.

Retrofit Lighting Solutions


LED retrofit kits are a low cost alternative to purchasing new fixtures. Many Cities use them where they have made a substantial investment in decorative post top fixtures and wish to keep them and yet improve the efficiency and life of their existing fixture.

LED retrofit kits are designed to replace HID lamps in outdoor shoebox fixtures, wall packs, post tops, bollards and canopy lights. LED HID retrofit kits also replace high bay and low bay fixtures for indoor applications like warehouses and and gymnasiums. New LED retrofits for fluorescent fixtures are used to convert T5 and T8 lamps 2×4 and 2×2 fixtures and strip lights to energy saving LED fixtures.

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